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Our Favorite Web Sites


DaDane of DaWeek

A digital art show featuring photomontage illustrations of Great Danes in a variety of settings. DaDane of DaWeek was established in 1996. New illustrations are added weekly – usually every Monday. There are over 200 pictures archived for easy viewing. Click to view.

Great Dane Links Directory
Ginnie's "Great Dane Links" offers over 1000 links, sorted by category for easy browsing. Categories include health and welfare, breeding and genetics, clubs and organizations, rescue resources, breeder directories and personal pet sites. Great Dane Links is one of the most comprehensive Dane directories on the net! Click to view.

Dane Owner's Checklist
Wondering if your dog is really a Great Dane? You can find out by visiting the Dane Owner's Checklist. It's a humorous collection of observations from actual Dane owners (like me!) about what it's like to live with these huge and fascinating animals. A good resource for people who are thinking about getting a Dane. Click to view.

Free Digital Postcards
Free Great Dane postcards! We offer over 100 designs to choose from, including the most popular DaDane of DaWeek pictures. Send someone a Great Dane postcard. It's virtually free! Also available: E-male postcards and FeMail postcards. Click to view.

Dog versus Man
Why dogs are better than men, why men are better than dogs, how dogs and men are the same, why dogs are better than women. Don't ask, just go. Click to view.


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